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Dion Langley is an exceptional drummer/songwriter known for his unique blend of R&B  and jazz. Hailing from Portsmouth, VA Dion has captivated audiences nationwide with his mesmerizing performances and heartfelt compositions.

From a young age, Dion showed an innate talent for music. Growing up in a church musical background, "musically inclined family" with a rich musical heritage, Dion began playing drums at the age of 5. Influenced by Teddy Campbell, Marvin McQuitty, Dion honed his skills and quickly became a local sensation.

Dion's big break came when he went on his first jazz music tour with jazz eclectic artist Ty Marques Smith (2012), since then he’s consistently been able to tour and play with various artists from all genres of music. Currently he’s touring with artist Roberta Lea and Seamless.

In 2021 Dion released his debut single, "Beat It Like A Drum," a song dedicated for the lupus community, to represent his passion for beating lupus and not letting this disease stop him from pursuing his dreams as a drummer.  This milestone marked the beginning of a promising career that has only continued to soar.

Since then Dion has soared to new heights and been able to establish his own band and create his own sound while using his music platform as a way of advocating for lupus across the county. 

Since then Dion, has released two more music projects ( singles ) with his own jazz band.  DA RIDE ( 2023 ) and IT'S ALRIGHT ( 2024 ). Dion's musical style and instrumentation cultivates fans all over the country allowing him to embrace his love and passion for drumming while being a strong advocate for the lupus community. He's currently working on his full album, looking to release it soon. So be on the lookout for his new project "Classified". 

CLICK BELOW TO SAMPLE MUSIC ( All music is available on all music streaming platforms )

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Da Ride (MC)
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Lashon Gurrola 

Phone: 708-417-6315


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