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​Using music as therapy to manage pain, mental coping, and opportunities to promote health in underserved communities, like the disability community. As a professional drummer, Dion has done amazing work through music. Dion features his BKS Band often when he performs. The smooth jazzy tunes will leave you mesmerized. Jazz is relaxing, smooth, and temporarily offers an escape from limitations having a disability can sometimes bring.


Lupus advocate Dion Langley has collaborated with Nurse Practitioner LaShon Gurrola  MSN,APRN,FNP, B-C to use jazz music to reach the Black, Brown, Latino,& disability communities to promote health and wellness during band intermission. "Lupus:Where Medicine Meets Music (Collaboration) has presented a positive way to reach people to educate and promote health, where otherwise they may not be engaged. Using Jazz to capture the attention and spread health and wellness is truly amazing work. The informal Band intermission session is a great time to discuss topics ranging from lupus, other chronic illnesses, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, etc. Music is the international language, when relaxed and calm, the mind is receptive to receiving information that may benefit health. 


Combining Music as Medicine, and Music Therapy as adjunct treatment for a variety of ailments has proven to be beneficial to some according to studies at John Hopkins and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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